Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Who can Sign Up?

    Everyone with a passion for Theatre is Eligible to Sign Up.


  2. How do i Sign Up?

    Click register and provide the relevant info i.e Username, Email Address and Password..Log into your Email address and confirm your Registration.


  3. How do i Log In?

    Click Sign In.Provide your Email and Password to Sign In

  4. I've lost my password.

    Click Forget password link on the Login page. Provide your Email where your password reset code will be sent. You can change password and Login.

  5. How do i update my profile?

    Login to your profile and Click Edit Profile. Provide accurate information and Click Submit.

  6. How can i comment on a post?

    Click the Title of the Post and Comment on the comment box below the post.

  7. How do i become an Administrator or Moderator?

    The board monitors active members on the discussion forums and appoints them.

  8. Can i Add Friends?

    Yes.Click the Username and Add them to your friend list.

  9. How do i send private messages to friends?

    Search the name of the friend and click send message.Type the message and click send.

  10. Can i upload files on my profile?

    Click either photo or video(whichever you want to upload), click upload and choose the file and then Submit. N.B//Upload your Headshot on Photos,  Acting Resume on Documents and Show reel on videos.

  11. How do i invite a new member to join?

    Click Invite button on the members area .Invite friends through their emails.

  12. What are the benefits of signing up?

    WTK creates platform for Kenyan Thespians to Market themselves and also to nurture new Talents in the Theatre and Film Industry.Members Profiles are viewed by Other Actors ,Directors, Casting Agents and Potential Directors World Wide.

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